Darrin Jaques  Voice Over Actor, Swordsman, Dude

Dialing the way back machine...

Hey, remember Atari?  Back in the not-so-distant past now colloquially referred to as "the day" (specifically, the mid 90's), CD-ROMs were all the rage in video games, and the big thing was integrating video. Still reeling from near bankruptcy after the ET: The Video Game disaster, Atari gambled on the new Jaguar system and the next-gen cyberpunk epic Black ICE, White Noise. It was already too late for Atari, however, and the game was shelved before completion. Thus my  first straight acting job as the hacker "LX&R" remained lost for years until some industrious gamers recovered much of the lost code and footage.

Be kind. I was young.

1-800-One-Dime: Pirates!

Black Ice, White NoisE

Diet Mt Dew: Yo-Yo

Later with Greg Kinnear

Codename: Dangerous

Second Chance

I was born in Burbank, California, literally across the street from NBC Studios. One of my strongest childhood memories is my grandmother watching Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Every night. And still getting up at the the crack of dawn every morning to make my grandfather breakfast before sending him off to work. Good times. So years later when a young man was given an opportunity to swordfight a pirate through NBC Studios for one of their late night programs, I knew a silver-haired woman was smiling down on me. I mean, seriously, how kick-ass is that?

So, yeah, that's me as a swordighting Greg Kinnear (check out the Dick Cavett wig) and the pirate is non other than Swordmaster Dan Speaker.

Once upon a time, in the years before cell phones, there were these little boxes scattered throughout town called payphones. If you needed to make a call, you had to track down one of these and hope you had enough loose change to pay for it.

Some bad-ass bank robbery action. With yo-yos!

Don't remember seeing me? That's because I was in the 1 minute version, which was never aired on television. Just the 'net. And here. Enjoy!

Robbing a gas station in a small student film. And you can actually see my face! That's rare...

It's the Anzo-Borego desert. Over 110 degrees. In the shade. And I'm wearing all black and a hood. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

So here I am beating the crap out of David DeLuis. Which isn't really fair 'cause he's a tremendously nice guy. But it was a lot of fun.

Pirates in Vegas!